== Common Statistics ==Edit

Look around you. This world is in chaos. Someone has to take a stern hand. - Adinshal

Race: Drow

Age: 142

Height: 5'7

Weight: 135 pounds

Hair: Stark white, drawn back and worn at shoulder-length

Skin Tone: Jet black

Skin Texture: Hard, calloused. He's weatherbeaten and scarred.

Eye Color: Red Accent: Difficult to place, but a keen ear (DC 30 Listen and DC 30 Lore) can detect a slight Menzoberranzyr accent.

Recognizable Features: He has a trademark look - a cold, calculating, near-emotionless stare.

Spoken Languages: Common, Elven, Drow, Drow Sign.

Left or Right Handed: Right-handed Deity: Bane Class: Bowman Alignment: Lawful Evil Relatives: If any are still alive, he really couldn't care less.

== Base Ability Scores ==Edit

Strength (14):

Dexterity (18):

Constitution (10):

Intelligence (14):

Wisdom (10):

Charisma (14):

== Statistics ==Edit

== General Character Information ==Edit

== Appearance ==Edit

== Personality ==Edit

There's a key to Adinshal's mind, and that key is his ambition. Being an irrelevant piece on a gameboard, a pawn in the endless sava game of the Matrons resulted in Adinshal becoming rather...irritated. He became determined to win personal power - power enough that he would never be the piece again. As he began to explore the thoughts of power more, his desires expanded rapidly, going from becoming someone with power, to the Lord of Menzoberranzan, the Valshar of the Drow, the Emperor of Toril - and perhaps even more. Adinshal craves power for power's own sake - there is no sadism behind his lust, no malice, but he will do whatever he must, become whatever he must to achieve his goals, or he will die trying.

As a person, Adinshal can be polite and even friendly, although there is always an iron formality to him, a stiffness that would make some Paladins jealous. His only moral code is the perceptions of those he has power over - if he can win more with a soft word and a gentle touch than he can with a sharp rebuke and a strike of the fist, he will be kind. Pragmatism is his watchword.

== Relationships ==Edit

Liliane Gerfeaux: Adinshal's trusted ally and the closest thing he has to a friend, despite their rather drastic personality differences.

== Background ==Edit

== Important Items, and Lore ==Edit

== OOC Information ==Edit

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