Queen of the Avariel, The Winged Mother
Aerdrie symbol
Aerdrie Faenya
Title Queen of the Avariel, The Winged Mother
Portfolio Intermediate goddess of air, weather, avians, rain and fertility
Domains Air, Animal, Chaos, Elf, Good, Storm
Favored Weapon quarterstaff
Alignment CG
Holy Symbol Cloud with a bird
Cleric Alignment

Aerdrie Faenya, also known as Queen of the Avariel, is a free, chaotic and impulsive member of the Seldarine, who doesn't like to stay in any one place for too long. While she delights in creating unpredictable weather, including some fairly severe thunderstorms, her primary joy is simply to feel the air around her as she flies high above the ground. Somewhat distant, Aerdrie seldom involves herself in culture of her fellow deities. Somewhat disregarding the other elves of Faerûn, Aerdrie concerns herself with the affairs of the few remaining avariel. Though often thought of and treated as though a goddess, Aerdrie Faenya is, in fact, the fey-oriented aspect of the primordial Akadi.


The church of Aerdrie Faenya is small, with little organization and only a few scattered temples. The clergy are primarily concerned with exploration and maintaining good relations with other sentient avian races such as giant eagles and aarakocra. As the avariel have declined, few elven clerics of Aerdrie can fly without magical aid. As a result, many of her priests work to create new spells and items by which magical flight is possible and sometimes given the gift to levitate from the deity herself. Clerics and druids of Aerdrie Faenya pray for their spells at dawn, as the first breeze is felt drifting across the land.


The Dance of Swirling Winds, held semiannually on the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, celebrates the changing of the seasons in honor of the Aerdrie. The winds always blow strongly on such days when followers gather. Celebrants offer beautiful feathers and perform an aerial ballet danced to the music of wind instruments played by others.

Allied and Enemy Deities

Aerdrie serves Corellon Larethian , working closely with the rest of the Seldarine. She opposes the drow pantheon, with the exception of Eilistraee. Aerdrie also works against the Deities of Fury and is allied with like-minded deities of wind, flight and rain; these include Akadi, Cyrrollalee, Lurue, Shaundakul and Sheela Peryroyl.


  • New Elventree (after update): in the Halls of the Seldarine

Elven Pantheon: The Seldarine

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