Character InformationEdit


Name: Alizée Mary Silverlance

Age: 19 (Born 27 Flamerule, 1358 DR, Year of Shadows.)

Born under the Sign of the Wheel
and with Gibbous Selûne under the sign of the Star
Those born under the Sign of the Golden Wheel are determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic and responsible. Natural leaders, they remain calm in a crisis and are not easily swayed by opposition. Although serious minded, they are cheerful and optimistic and do not give up easily.
Those born with Selûne under the Star are courageous, energetic, impetuous and determinded to make their own way in the world. Self-reliant and adventurous, they love taking risks and are tenacious workers. Affectionate and charming, they inspire great loyalty in others.

Class: Fighter 6

Occupation: Freelance adventurer, she tends to give her help to whatever good temple needs her to help the poor, or do it on her own.

Race: Aasimar (Quarter avoral) - believes she is human with some odd mixture of something.

Alignment: Neutral Good

Deity: Helm

Country of Origin: Sword Coast (Neverwinter), or so she thinks.

Spoken Languages: Illuskan (Native), Chondathan (not completely fluent), Common (fluent)

Accent: Very heavy Illuskan when speaking common. When speaking Illuskan, she is clearly from Neverwinter.

Left or Right Handed: Right handed


  • John Silverlance (adoptive father), a weaponsmith in Waterdeep, owner of the Silver Spear, his shop.
  • Mary Silverlance (adoptive mother), a skilled wizard who enchants her husband's work.

Alizée does not know the slightest thing about her biological family.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Height: 5'11

Weight: 140 lbs

Skin Tone: Very pale, alabaster

Eye Color: Very pale blue, nearly gray. Her eyes are piercing and cold.

Hair: Black with metallic blue highlights.

Unique features:

  • A line of metallic blue feathers going from her elbow to her shoulder on each arm, with a few more at her shoulders.
  • Metallic blue feathers in her hair, around her ears, though she can cover them with her hair.

Alizée always has a long red lace tied to her right wrist.

Description: At first glance, Alizée appears to be a slightly strange-looking human girl in her late teens, with a very pale skin and dark hair worn long. It reaches down to the middle of her back, shining with faint metallic blue highlights at times. Her eyes are her most striking feature, very pale blue, almost gray, cold and piercing. Because of that, she can appear a little cold and distant at first glance, but whoever manages to talk to her (and it's not very hard, considering she talks all the time) will find out that they should never trust appearances.

Alizée smiles and laughs all the time or almost. And she never stops talking, with a strong Illuskan accent in her common and almost always joyfully. She has the speech mannerisms of a peasant, and it's clear in her attitude that she comes from a modest background. Her constant good mood and warm demeanor are either extremely annoying or very contagious, most of the time.

In her hair, sometimes, people could notice flecks of metallic blue, shimmering in the light. It looks like feathers, which she pretends to be decorative when someone spots them.

She always wears practical clothes, and full plate in combat, and always carries a spear and a shield behind her back. Her way to fight shows that she had basic militia training, and she tends to favor techniques that would be traditionally used in small groups of five or six soldiers.

Alizée always has a long red lace tied to her right wrist, which she fiddles with very often like some would use a stress ball. She can never be seen without it, it seems, even when sleeping. She also wears a small wooden carving representing the symbol of Helm at her neck.

Abilities/Skills Edit


  • Strength (17): Alizée has undergone some formal militia training as she was a lowranking soldier in Waterdeep's militia for a short time (Age 16 to 18). She has strong arms and legs, a strong grip, and knows how to use a spear.
  • Dexterity (13): Well, she's a bit more agile than average and knows some hand to hand combat techniques, but nothing spectacular.
  • Constitution (14): Alizée is more resistant than average to diseases and quite sturdy in general. She is endurant and capable of skipping a night or two of sleep to focus on a task - although then she tends to make up for it by sleeping for fifteen hours straight.
  • Intelligence (14): She's a quick girl, even if she can seem naive and ignorant sometimes. What she doesn't know, it is because she's never learned it - she's eager to learn and quick to remember what she's been told. Despite what she says, she has a good memory.
  • Wisdom (10): Alizée is innocent and naive, not really exposed yet to the brutality of the Realms. She has seen some horrors - Halaster's Highharvestide being one of them - but she has yet to see the cruelty of her kin, humans, elves, and other sentient creatures. Her view on the world is extremely manichean so far. She's having trouble to accept the fact that a demon-blooded creature could be doing good things.
  • Charisma (10): Although she is cute and naturally charming, Alizée's peasant language and lack of... refined speech or the fact that she's never really trained herself to speak well won't allow her to convince people who are not easily swayed by a pair of batting eyelashes, a cute smile and a pout.


  • Heal: Alizée knows her first aid well. She is desperate to help people, and that starts by being able to end their suffering by binding wounds and curing diseases, or assisting healers in doing so.
  • Discipline: Obviously, even with the little militia training she's had, she knows what it means to be a soldier. She is very disciplined, towards superiors and herself.
  • Lore: Alizée's knowledge is limited, but pretty good when concentrated to healing techniques as well as the fabrication of weapons and armor. She also knows a lot about farming, and the Sword Coast in general.
  • Open lock: Alizée always thought the best way to catch a thief was to be able to tell how they picked locks. She isn't the lockpick fairy, but she's got some skill.
  • Disable trap:Same thing as Open Lock. She's also never liked bandaging burns caused by acid clouds who fell over her comrades.

Personality Edit


In all senses of the term, Alizée is neutral good. It doesn't matter to her who is doing what, if it's the law, or the rule - as long as you are harming innocents, she will stand in your way. She does not support torture of evil beings either, prefering to put a swift end to their existence.

Suffering in general upsets her. Seeing other people suffer troubles her a lot and she cannot stand witnessing that kind of things if she cannot do anything to stop it. She will always try to help - torture makes her litterally sick, and seeing people in great pain is enough to bring tears to her eyes.

That apart, she is a very cheerful and optimistic person. She is so cheerful and optimistic, in fact, that she often seems stupid or naive, and younger than her age. Although she does not have the qualities of a leader for now - or perhaps that is just due to the fact that she has never tried leading people - she tends to walk forward and ahead at all times, to push and urge people to keep going even if the situation is completely lost. It's hard to kill her hope and good mood! But when you do... Alizée can be a vengeful, hateful being, although not many have witnessed it. She will do everything to crush people who like to harm innocents for pleasure, and despite her kindness, never doubt her resolve...


  • Evil planes influenced creatures or items give her the creeps or terrify her. She seems to have rather violent, nearly physically painful reactions to overloads of evil in the same place, be it Abyssal or Infernal. She can't get herself to trust those with blood of the lower planes, though she thinks she "knows" when a person is bad, and if she "has a good feeling about this", she'll listen to you.
  • Dragons, spiders, monsters in general scare her, but if there's one thing she can't stand, it's Underdark creatures, after seeing them break free from Undermountain during Halaster Highharvestide.
  • People who harm innocents for fun. Torturers, corrupt politicians...

PC RelationshipsEdit

  • Cadius Eldanesh : So far, he's the only one who knows about her secrets - at least, entirely - and the only friend she has in the region. She thinks he's a bit too rude at times, but trusts him - it might be some kind of mutual silly teenager attitude acknowledgement. She hopes wherever he ended up, if he perished with all the others, is a good place.
  • Cerin Te'les : Alizée has great respect for druids, mostly coming from fear and awe. She heard that they could command to the wind and weather, and that alone is enough to impress her. He is one of those she has not seen again ever since waht she refers to as "the catastrophe" happened, and is very worried for his sake. She hopes he too had a glorious death.
  • Dawn Darkmoon: Back in Maiden's Loss before it was destroyed, Alizée admired Dawn's courage and resolution. She was a bit of a role model to her, even though they are about the same age - Dawn always seemed more mature. She wanted to become a paladin, and then changed her mind when she saw how strict and severe they could be - it was not her way.


Alizée was found as a baby in front of the door of her young foster parents, in a village close to Neverwinter called Helm's Rest. Draped in cloth, the small baby already had tiny feathers growing on her shoulders, in her hair, and on a line along her arms. A small note hung on the clothes : "Her name is Alizée. Please take good care of her. She will be a very good girl.". The baby had a small red lace tied to her right wrist. Alizée’s foster parents never rejected the child they found at her door – the young man was a smith and loved his wife, but were unable to have a baby, and so, despite her oddness, Alizée was accepted immediately by the young couple which considered her as their true daughter.

And so she grew up, beloved by her parents. However, although they never lied to her from the day she asked why she was different, she never knew what she was or who her real parents were. Her village was rather reclusive, a couple hours' ride from the city, but still relying heavily on farm work. The other children would shun her and look at her through their own parents’ eyes: Alizée was a monster, from her strange clear eyes to the color of her hair, through the small feathers at her shoulders. Although her parents encouraged her to show them that she did not deserve their mockery, Alizée soon preferred to hide her difference as well as she could.

Annoyed by the ambient xenophobia and intolerance in Helm's Rest, her parents moved to Waterdeep with her, asking her not to show her feathers at first if she could avoid it. But Alizée found it hard to lie to the new friends she made, for she hated lying, and evil actions in general; her aasimar nature compelled her to help and defend the innocent whenever she could. Therefore she enrolled in the local militia as soon as she turned 16, although she found it harder and harder to hide her feathers during training.

She did not have to wait for long before people realized she was different. A young man in the militia who had interest in her once asked for some time together; when they became closer friends and she showed him what she was trying to hide, he left her and the morning after, everyone knew about it. However, the people from the city of Waterdeep had seen much weirder things and the case was quickly dismissed. Nevertheless, her parents suffered from the constant loneliness of their overly altruistic daughter. One day, she decided that it was time for her to stop running away from the answers, and she decided to go and travel the world to give her help to those who needed it, and make her parents’ life easier. But deep inside, she really wanted to perhaps find a place where she would be accepted, and where somebody would recognize her.

Travelling east on the trade routes, she stopped in many villages but never found one that she liked, rarely staying in one place for more than a couple weeks or so. After a few months, she reached Cormyr, and soon Deepingdale and the city of Highmoon, in which she stayed a few days before going around the Dalelands to reach Ashabenford, and eventually Yûlash, where she stayed for a few. Interested by the nearby Fort Maiden's Loss, she lived there for a few months hoping to become a Golden Phoenix. She soon realized the very strict demands of paladinhood were not suited for her, and she moved back to Yûlash where she feels that her help is more than needed.

Alizée worships Helm like most of the people of her hometown and is a devout soldier when her help is needed. She always fights for good causes, and her generosity knows no bounds. She is also quick to laugh, cheerful, and slow to anger, but once angered, her rage against evil forces can be overwhelming.

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