Title(s) Queen of Arvandor The Triune Goddess
Power Level Greater deity
Subservient Deities {{{minions}}}
Dominion {{{dominion}}}
Alignment Chaotic good
Sphere {{{sphere}}}
Portfolio Birth
Spring Wisdom
Worshipers Community elders, druids, elves, farmers, fighters, midwives, mothers
Cleric Alignments NG CG CN
Domains Hope, Protection Chaos, Elf, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Renewal
Holy Day(s) {{{holy days}}}
Favored Weapon Duskshaft (longspear or shortspear)
Channel Divinity Prayer Angharradh's favor
Angharradh, also referred to as the Queen of Arvandor, who was sometimes considered falsely the personification of three separate elven goddesses, Aerdrie Faenya, Hanali Celanil, and Sehanine Moonbow, as well as a single goddess who extends beyond these three separate dieties, and is the chief goddess of the Seldarine. As such, her nature reflects traits of each of these deities. Due to the nature of her creation, Angharradh exhibits a fierce protectiveness and strong resolve. Despite her vigilance, the reversal of the Elven Retreat and the return of drow to Cormanthor have weakened Angharradh's spirit while causing the three goddesses to spend more time apart.


The church of Angharradh is essentially the unified face of the three separate, but closely allied, churches of Aerdrie, Hanali and Sehanine. Most clerics of Angharradh are affiliated with at least one aspect of the Three, being considered wise women and sages, often being consulted when important issues arise. Clerics and druids of Angharradh pray for their spells at a time of their choosing, but it must be the time when they pray to one of the three goddesses. The clergy celebrate the holy days and important ceremonies of one of the Three, depending upon which aspect they venerate.


The only holy day celebrated exclusively by the clergy is the Melding of the Three, held quadrennially on Cinnaeloscor (more commonly known as Shieldmeet). While this holy day is more generally observed by elves in honor of Corellon, moon elves celebrate the aspects of Angharradh and their unification that have led to peace in Arvandor and elven realms.

Relations with Other Dieties

Angharradh is second only to Corellon among the Seldarine and she often works closely with the other elven deities. Deities outside of the elven pantheon whom Angharradh calles her allies are Berronar Truesilver, Chauntea, Cyrrollalee, Eilistraee, Lurue, Mielikki, Milil, Mystra, Selune, Sharindlar, Sheela Peryroyl, Silvanus, Sune and Yondalla. Her foes include the traditional opponents of the Seldarine, such as the drow pantheon (with the exception of Eilistraee), the Deities of Fury, the goblinoid deities, and orcish dieties.


Before the elves walked the forests of Faerûn, Angharradh arose from the great battle between the Seldarine and the followers of Araushnee. Aerdrie, Hanali and Sehanine came together to heal Corellon Larethian after he was felled by Eilistraee who was fooled by Araushnee. As they did so, they formed Angharradh, serving alongside Corellon as the Queen of Arvandor.


Unity and diversity bring strength. Be ever vigilant against She Who Was Banished and work together in defending the lands of the Fair Folk from those who would work evil. Celebrate the One and the Three for their collective purpose and individual expressions of life. Through the melding of widely different skills and interests, creativity, life, and artistry are nurtured and new ideas are discovered.

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