General Server Rules

The philosophy behind the server rules is simple- Use your heads and good judgment. Everyone knows right from wrong, and playing in a manner that is detrimental to the world as a whole will not be tolerated.

Many NWN servers have pages and pages of specific do's and don'ts, but this can be counterproductive for the developers, DMs, and players. While it may be possible to list every possible rule, invariably some players will cause trouble because a specific action wasn't listed in the server rules of conduct. Instead of listing pages of what you can and can't do on this server, here are the guidelines:

  • 1. No Racist, or sexist remarks. Please.
  • 2. Don't exploit bugs in the game (Bioware's or ours). If you find a bug, report it to Admins or a DM immediately. Continuing to exploit will result in a ban.
  • 3. If you believe you're doing something that could be construed as "wrong" by a majority of players or the staff, stop.
  • 4. Have fun!

Threatening developers, DMs, or other players will result in an immediate ban from the server and a reporting of your activities.

If you are having problems with a particular player, my advice is to talk with them in private. Nearly all NWN players will change their attitudes and actions when confronted in a constructive and non-hostile manner. In my opinion, resolving personal disputes between players is a poor use of Admin and DM time, and airing dirty laundry in the forums will be frowned upon. Should this not solve the Problem contact an Admin with your concerns.

Under most circumstances players breaking these rules will not be summarily banned without warning. You will first be contacted to discuss your behavior. We do however reserve the right to ban you without warning for extreme abuses which are ruining the enjoyment of others on the server.

  • 1. Abuse - Do not abuse DMs or other players verbally. This is grounds for banning. If you have an IC reason for bullying between characters make sure that there is an OOC understanding between you and the target of your character's abuse.
  • 2. Roleplaying - The Moonsea is primarily a RP server. The DMs and administration will spend most of their time focusing on those players and characters who involve themselves in RP. Hack and Slash playing is not frowned upon, but do not expect special or focused attention on you or your character if this is your preferred style. Griefing and PK (player-killing, this differs from PvP which is addressed further down the list.) are not acceptable and you will be banned for such behavior.
  • 3a. Metagaming Information - It is never acceptable to use information that you as a player have gained OOC to your character's advantage. Always bear in mind that though you may have read it on the forum or heard it from a friend your character did not. Any rewards that may have been gained for RP will be lost if you are found to be using OOC info to your character's advantage.
  • 3b. Metagaming Items - Trading items between your personal characters is acceptable only if you have an RP reason and another player's character knows both PCs involved in the trade. DO NOT leave items on the ground and relog to transfer them, the area cleaners will destroy them and we will not replace them for you. Always ask another player's character to hold such items until your other character arrives.
  • 4. Bug Reporting - All bug reports must be made on the forum. Please do not send reports on the DM channel so that the DMs might concentrate on gameplay and story. Any rewards gained from the exploitation of bugs will be removed from the character in question when discovered by the DMs.
  • 5. Farming - On the Moonsea we consider any constant repeated return to an area for the sake of gaining XP, repeated killing creatures or NPCs, or acquisition of treasure and/or crafting resources to be farming. You will be warned by the DMs if we feel that you are farming. The DMs will happily drop a big nasty creature on the heads of those found farming.
  • 6. Courtesy - If you enter a non-social (dungeon or encounter) area where others are adventuring please have the courtesy to leave that area, unless invited to join in, and return after they may have moved on. This is not to say that you can not RP with the characters already in the area, but it is unacceptable to rush ahead of another group for the sake of gathering treasure or XP unless there is an RP reason.
  • 7. PvP/CvC - On The Moonsea battle between characters is acceptable on RP grounds. An OOC understanding must be reached between the players before battle commences. If you feel that you were forced into a PvP/CvC situation against your will report it to a DM IG or on the forum. We will then check the logs to see what communication was had between the parties before hand. Also it never hurts to have a witness and screenshots. Those who kill for no sound RP reason or PK for fun will be punished. The least punishment will be loss of levels and/or equipment. The most severe will be banning.
  • 9. Shout Channel - The shout channel is reserved for DMs only.
  • 10. OOC Chat - Most OOC chat should be saved for the
  • 11. Language - We ask that for the sake of RP flavor, you do not use modern foul language - be creative.
  • 12. The Last Word – We reserve the right to ban anyone that the Staff feels is disruptive to the player base as a whole and/or are consistently abusive and demanding of the DMs and/or Players.
  • 13. Titles and Ranks - PC's in The Moonsea have no official titles, ranks or claims of nobility unless they are somehow earned through IG actions and/or granted by the DMs. Your name will then be edited to reflect that change. If you wish to play a character of some noble birth submit an application as if for an exotic race and it will be considered, do not begin playing the character until it has been approved.

Character Builds

General Build Rules

The campaign is designed for levels 2-24 advancement beyond level 24 requires admin approval for each level. Do NOT ask for approval it WILL be denied. Approval will be gained by in-play action alone and usually involve rather great sacrifice.

  • Classes - If you take one level in a class, you must take at least 4 levels in that class.
Example: Fighter 4 Mage 4 Cleric 8 (F4/R4/C8) is a proper level 16 character. A Fighter 3 Rogue 3 Cleric 10 (F3/R3/C10) is not. If you take a level in a class you MUST take 4 levels in that class before you can multiclass. F2/R3/M7 is not allowed, but F4/M6/R2 IS ALLOWED so long as your next 2 levels are in Rogue... Once you have at least 4 levels in every class you may level any class you wish.
Some classes are restricted or banned. Check the list of classes.
  • Stats - You may have no more than 2 stats below 9 any stat of 6 or less will have severe penalty associated with it by way of DM handicap. I.E. A charisma of 6 will often be ridiculed by npcs, greeted with hostility or fear. A dex of 6 will result in often having to roll saves to avoid tripping slipping or droppingas an example.
  • Races - ECL races can be found : any race with an ECL of 3 or more will need a application before it can be created.
Some races whose ECL is lower than 3 and a few others also require an application and are listed under Application Only races. You will also require an application for those.
If you are ECL 3 or higher it will be applied to your maximum level and you will be limited in how high you can advance. Example the maximum level you may obtain is level 24.
If you were approved a Mindflayer {Illithid, ECL 15} 15 of your levels are already spent. You may advance 9 more levels before you are maxed. Ecl 3 and lower do not suffer this limitation.
To clarify, ECL 3 and higher and any "application only" race NEED AN APPLICATION APPROVED BEFORE CREATION. ECL 3 and lower do not suffer a level penalty.
Templates may be found in game only.
Characters with an unusual background or particularity (such as good aligned monsters) require an application.
Remember, your appearance must fit your race.

Available Races

The complete list can be found here.

Available Classes

The complete list can be found here.

Looting Exploits

  • Ninjalooting: Defined as stealthing past spawned encounters and taking the from the nearby containers. If you kill it you can loot it otherwise leave it.
  • Telelooting: In our mod some characters will gain the ability to teleport. Telelooting is setting your teleport point somewhere within a dungeon, teleporting there and looting. Whether you kill spawns or not, do not do it. If you teleport somewhere INTO a dungeon you better have a DM running a quest or be on a return trip with a raise scroll to bring someone back from the dead. There will be on warning issued, the next offense will be a temporary ban from the mod and the next offense will be a permaban from both the mod and forums.
  • Logging in dungeon, logging back for respawn. On occasion we all have to log in a dungeon or near a dungeon entrance. However it is not acceptable to log back in and run the gauntlet again. If you log in a dungeon and return to discover the spawns use this rule of thumb to prevent an exploit. Return to town and rest before returning to plunder its depths again. Kill what you must to get to the surface by the fastest possible route but do not gather loot. This will prevent you from gathering our ire like a block of cement tied to your leg as your dropped in the river.

Rebuilding Rules

As you go through your character's life you might want to make changes to them. This is possible however it comes with a cost.

  • REBUILDS: Is when you would like to choose different Feats, Levels, Stats, Skill Points, etc and need your xp taken away until you're set back to level one, then get it all back so you may choose different ones. The cost has always been 25% of your total xp and will stay that way. If you are rebuilding because a feat or spell does not work you may do so at no cost however you will never be allowed to take that feat or spell again.
  • RELEVELS: Is when you need to have just a certain portion of your xp taken away then given back so you may relevel. If you want this for the reason of not liking how your PC turned out and want to choose something different, then it will cost 25% xp. If you accidently choose something you did not intend on choosing at level up, then you may relevel free to fix the error. You may relevel the last level you took at any time. You will lose any bonus xp you may have gained since leveling. example if level 5 is 5000 xp and you have 5632 xp, you will be reduced to 5000 xp and no refunds given. If you drop a feat, you cant take it later and if you're just releveling last level, we dont refund.
  • TRANSFERS: Is when you want all of the items/xp from an old PC transferred to a whole new one. The cost for this is 25% of your XP. You will not be able to play with the other PC ever again.


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