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Server BackgroundEdit

To understand the events of today you have to understand what happened in the past and The Defeat of the Witch-King and the death of Orcus back in CR1347 when some brave companions decided to travel to the Abyss to steal the demon-lord’s wand. They succedded by killing Orcus and stealing the demon-lord’s wand and taking the vile instrument to the Seven Heavens where it was believed to be ultimately destroyed. with the defeat of the demon-lord, the Witch-King lost the source of his dark power. Castle Perilous crumbled into ruins, the priests of the goat’s head religion lost their strength, and the undead of the Vaasan army fell to dust. What Happened to Zhengyi who had thought to have been destroyed along with his keep had gone unknown until CR1376 The Year of the Bent Blade

The Witch King Knew the wand had not been destroyed and used the thought of his death to plan how to bring his master back. Zhengyi gathered his most trusted servants of Orcus and gave them a quest to find the remaining pieces of the Wand of Orcus . 30 years later unleashed his wrath upon those nations and whose effects are still felt in the lands to this day.

The years immediately following the Great Betrayal and the war that ensued were hard ones for the Moonsea. Resources were tapped, people weary, and the region violated.

In the Heart of Maidens Loss in the court of the very Keep itself agents of Zhengyi released Miska the Wolf-Spider from his prison in the depths of Pandemonium. The Chaos that insued left the Fort Destroyed and most of the leadership of the boarder nations dead. The time came when the remaining nobles and priests gathered to the chosen of Lathander only to find The Savior of Our Lands Chalava Godgift, and all the High Priests had been assassinated by a Dark Elf named Rith and the Holy Relics of the Triad nowhere to be found.

For 4 long years the wrath of Miska spread across the lands destroying much of Yulash, Elventree, Teshwave and other settlements in the region and Attacked the Elven Nation of Myth Drannor in 1378. Zhengyi spent his time Building armies up in Hillsfar and West in the Dragonspine Mountains and chose not to engage in the conflict. By the time the forces of the Elves were able to defeat Miska Zhengyi was ready to strike right into the heart of the depleted nations. His forces came upon those remaining so fast and swiftly he managed to push his forces all the way to Zhentil Keep within the first month. At this same time an Army of Giants and Highly Trained Orc’s Drove the Infighting Dwarven clans from their mountain lairs into the Cormanthor and into Glarins March. Alarmed at this measure the Elven nation of Myth Drannor decided to close it’s boarders to all outsiders. The Remaining Knights of Myth Drannor and Armies of Yulash, Maidens Loss and Remaining Dwarves regrouped in the Cormanthor and finally managed to retake the Territory of Yulash some 2 years later moved the city north to the Moonsea and began to rebuild, founding the Free Nation of Mistriven Falls.

Timeline & Recent Events Edit

The Year is 1381 and events still look grim to those in the Free Nation of Mistriven Falls. The Giants and Orcs still hold the Dragonspine Mountains and raid the region frequently. The Frontlines of the Forces of Demi God Zhengyi are only 50 miles East of Mistriven Falls and the battles rage continuously for control of the region. The Elven Nation of Myth Drannor has closed its borders and the dwarves of Glarin's March have signed a pact to help defend the city. Dwarven refugees from the Dragonspine Mountains are doing there best to adapt to life here and dream of someday retaking their mountain homes. Zhentil Keep is under siege by Zhengyi’s undead and humanoid army and by sea by Zhengyi’s Plume Navy.

Mistriven Falls is crucial to the regions supply line since it is the only signifcant port in the region that is not under the Witch King's reach, and a key point for control of the region.

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