The old portrait pack has fallen way behind and I have decided to reinvent the project I had started before. In this space I will be posting portrait snapshots for characters, and links to that specific characters portrait. Stop by now and then to see if anything is new!

Click on the link in the pictures to the get the files!

Files are archived in .7z format with 7zip.

Please don't edit this page, email me your portraits to




Alexander Portrait

Alexander Stromwell (Relaunch Character)


Cadius Eldanesh(Will be used at relaunch)


Cori Shyreth

Cori3 h

Isiolia Nightstar (Will be used at relaunch)

Isiolia Portrait

Mateo Lyrundel (Will be used at relaunch)

Mateo Portrait

Noc Wylan Amilcnam

Noc Portrait

Saeryl Kethvanna

Saeryl Portrait

Valin Llanowar

Valin Portrait

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