Crimson Blades

Symbol of the Crimson Blades

The Crimson Blade Mercenary Company, or The Crimson Blades, is a loosely organized adventuring and mercenary group consisting of at least a dozen members.

The Crimson Blades serve primarily as guards and sell swords and are a popular choice for those who may be on the wrong side of the law, since they ask few questions. They have cultivated a reputation as heroes and to many of the common people they are but rumors persist of close ties with local thieves guilds as well as tales of some members hiring out as spies and thugs. It is believed they have been involved in banditry, smuggling and possibly assassination but there has been no evidence to prove such claims. When not in someone's service they further the company's reputation and treasury by hunting for lost treasures in ancient and forboding places and serving the cities of Mistriven Falls and Fellhurst for payment.




Tor Meatcleaver

The Crimson Blades are led by a council of three, though all members have the right to speak. The current council consists of the half-orc fighter Tezrakk as Blade Master, the half-elf wizard Chaelvin Kerten as Spell Master, and Alexander De La Rosa as Shadow Master. Leadership is chosen by natural selection, but such positions may also be challenged through ritual combat, the details of which are not entirely clear.

31 large

Vale Darkspur



Code of BehaviourEdit

Once a job is accepted do not question it.

Failure is not an option.

Success is measured by glory and coin.

Support all members of The Crimson Blades.

Chaelvin Kerton


Alexander Portrait

Alexander De La Rosa

Current LeadershipEdit

Blade Master: Tezrakk

Shadow Master: Alexander De La Rosa

Spell Master: Chaelvin Kerten

Current MembershipEdit

Vale Darkspur (Scout, assassin)

Tor Meatcleaver (Thug, enforcer)

Selene Fi'ress

Karis Gieger

Evanti Ebonheart

Sebastian Thaine




Eroth Datten

Jenevieve Amblecrown

Aujir(Irthos Kothar)&nbsp

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