That Which Lurks, The Elder Eye
Ghaunadaur symbol
Title That Which Lurks, The Elder Eye
Portfolio Lesser drow god of oozes, slimes, jellies, outcasts, ropers, rebels
Domains Cavern, Chaos, Drow, Evil, Hatred, Slime
Favored Weapon An amorphous tentacle (warhammer)
Alignment CE
Holy Symbol Purplish eye on purple, violet and black circles
Cleric Alignment


Ghaunadaur is a very ancient deity, rumored to have emerged from the primordial ooze itself. In that age it was worshiped by the largest of slimes and other crawling creatures, many of which contained an alien intelligence. In a fit of fury due to Lolth spurning his romantic interests, Ghaunadaur struck most of them mad and took their intellects. As an unforeseen result, many of these worshipers ceased to exist, which caused The Elder Eye's power to collapse. Only in recent millennia have some evil beings turned back to Ghaunadaur, looking for an alternative to the established deities. Ghaunadaur is only a member of the drow pantheon because of the worship of drow that became disaffected with Lolth.


All creatures have their place, and all are fit to wield power. Those who hunt weed out the weak and strengthen the stock of all. Those who rebel or who walk apart find new ways and try new things and do most to advance their races. Creatures of power best house the energy of life, which Ghaunadaur reveres and represents. Make sacrifices to the Eye, persuade others to sacrifice themselves to Ghaunadaur or in service of the Eye, further knowledge and fear of Ghaunadaur, and in the end give yourself to Ghaunadaur in unresisting self-sacrifice. Convert all beings to the worship of Ghaunadaur. Slay all clergy of other faiths, plundering their temples and holdings for wealth to better your own lot and to further the worship of Ghaunadaur.

Allied and Enemy DeitiesEdit

He directly opposes about every deity with a presence in the Underdark. His other major enemies are Malar and the Seldarine.


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