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Common Statistics Edit

NPC: Belongs to House Rhayrrealm

Name: Gorum

Nickname Gorum ' The grim reaper of house Rhayrrealm' Race: Human

Accent: Rough

Recognizable Features: A large scar over his face, and considering he's bald it shows quite clearly over his head.

Deity: Tempus

Class: Figther(12)/Ghost faced killer(4)

Alignment: Lawful Evil/netural evil

Loyality to house Rhayrrealm: Unshakeable

Base Ability Scores Edit

Strength (26): Dexterity (14): Constitution (18): Intelligence (11): Wisdom (10): Charisma (9):

Statistics Edit

Skills: Intimiate: 29 (-1 from charisma stat)

disipline: 19

Taunt: 26

General Character Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

Background Edit

Important Items, and Lore Edit

Scythe of the nightlord: Gorum holds a legendary scythe, thou its unknown where he retreived it its the trademark of those whom knows him as the grim reaper of house rhayrrealm, the scythe itself is semi intelligent and is said to feed on the blood and life energy of those it strikes, growing ever more powerful.

Stats: +3 enchantment, 1d8 divine( vile) damage, on hit: paralyse dc 18

Fullplate +2: a somewhat rare but common enchantment found on many adventureres and leaders alike:

Stats: +2 Ac.

Ring of Invisiblity: A Ring which who's creator is unknown, however many versions of the rings exsist, and gorum possess one of them:

Stats: 3/day invisiblity (3).

Gloves of strenght: Gorum possess a pair of these gloves, enchanting his strenght.

stats: +2 Str

Boots of the warrior: Stats: 2+ ac +2 con

Cloak of protection +3: bought from fellhurst's stores

Stats: +3 ac.

Amulet of natural armor +2
Stats: +2 ac


Misc items commonly found with: shedden +4 (gives +4 natural ac for 2 min Alchemist item) provoided by the house alcemist kren ( a player).

16 bottles of cure critical wounds.

24 bottles of cure serious wounds.

OOC Information Edit

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