Common StatisticsEdit

Race: Human

Age: 41

Height: 5'10" 'Weight': 185 lbs.

Hair: Raven (oiley black)

Skin Tone: Pale

Skin Texture: Smooth/Fair

Eye Color: Blue

Accent: Southern Chondathan / Sembian

Recognizable Features:

Spoken Languages: Chondathan, Drow, Draconic

Left or Right Handed: Right

Deity: Beshaba

Class: Antipaladin, Blackguard

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Relatives: Tera Fale (niece)

Base Ability ScoresEdit

Strength (-):16 ( exceptional ) With a small and wirey frame, most of his strength comes from his inner conviction and powerful beleif. Even though he is not a towering brute, his muscles are hard and trained through the years of warfare.

Dexterity (-):10 ( average ) Never one for acrobatics, keeping a sure footing is priority.Weighted down in fullplate, it never has proved an issue.

Constitution (-):12 ( above average ) Born with a bounty of health, as most farm fed boys of the south


Intelligence (-):10 ( average ) Reading and writing quite well with a eloquent trained hand, however he finds it a dreadful bore.

Wisdom (-):14 (
well above average ) Faith and beleif are powerful motivators for the black knight. Perhaps the only study he ever took seriously was the teachings of the temple, and the dogma of the faith.. he is well versed in ways of the world as well as experienced in many parts of both suffering and joy, and how to bring both to others in twisted ways to compel them to step in the path of his diety if even only breifly.

Charisma (-):16 ( exceptional ) It is not only his rugged good looks and powerful presence that draws peoples attention to Grigory, he is a natural leader and sees peoples potential, if only to ruin them later, he is always welcoming and outgiong.


skills n featz coming soon

General Character InformationEdit


most always seen with a large bite-sized bruise on his left bicep, his back is covered in deep scratches which are continously opened added to by various fingernails. Long oily black hair well maintained and brushed his peircing eyes gaze steady at danger or defeat. he always seems to smile, even when in rage and covered in his hate he appears to enjoy those times the most. his clothing reflects his status by its finery and fabrics, most oft seen however in his red and black fullplate which he has altered at his wifes request to use pants instead of metal for comfort and conveince.




Important Items, and LoreEdit

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