Common StatisticsEdit

Player: Nizzre

Race: Whisper Gnome
Origin: Waterdeep

Skin: greyish
Hair: dull black
Eye Color: dull blue

Spoken Languages: Common, Gnome, Dwarven, Elven
Deity: Baravar Cloakshadow
Class: sneaky martial

Character traits: habits, behaviour and knowledge Edit


Habits & Behaviour

Base Ability Scores Edit

Strength: (average) Her strength is equivalent to most tall folk.
Dexterity: (exceptional) She is very nimble and quick.
Constitution: (average) She is not particularly resilient.
Intelligence: (above average) She is relatively smart, but doesn't speak a lot.
Wisdom: (above average) She is observant.
Charisma: (average) She is unremarkable.

Skills and Tricks Edit

Sense Motive & Bluff: She can pierce most lies.
Discipline: She is obviously trained in combat maneuvers.
Hide and Move Silently: She is very sneaky.
Open Locks, Disarm Traps: She is very good with locks and wires.
Search, Spot and Listen: She has keen ears and little escapes her notice.
Balance and Tumble: She is very nimble, agile and quick.

Background Edit


DM info: less known abilities Edit

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  • Silence 1/day ; Mage Hand 1/day


  • _


  • _

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