Name: Kane Nefarious

  • Age: 916
  • Born: 29 Flamerule, 460 DR.
  • Class: Wizard/Warmage
  • Occupation: Scourge of Lathander, Harbringer of Undeath, Asshole
  • Race: Undead
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Deity: Moander, Shar
  • Country of Origin: Unknown, even to himself
  • Spoken Languages: Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Draconic, Elven, Ignan, Infernal, Magic, Necromantic, Infernal, Undercommon
  • Relatives: None
  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight:' 47 lbs

Base Ability Scores/Skills Edit

Strength (14): Kane has gained most of his physical strength not through rigorous training and improving ones self but through magic he has grafted his bones with powerful enchantments calling upon the negative energy on this plane to fuel his strength.
Dexterity (10): Certainly not the most graceful man in the world he has very little need for this as he sports a hulking skeletal armor and shield, power over mobility is his motto.
Constitution (22): Being an undead abomination he has a lack of flesh rendering him immune to any physical attack with an un-enchanted weapon, also very difficult to stab and his bones magically infused it makes him a hard enemy to take down.
Intelligence (22): Hundreds of years of rigorous mental training has made this man quite intelligent, although his intelligence rises far above this as he focused most of his time finding artifacts to boost his intelligence instead of browsing the libraries of cities.
Wisdom (10): Being a very unstable being due to his deep dabbling in necromancery and magic itself, he lacks in the wisdom department.
Charisma (8): When has a bag of bones ever looked appealing, it doesn't take leadership to rule an army of undead.

Skills Concentration (38):
Craft Armor (15):
Craft Trap (11):
Craft Weapon (28):
Craft Alchemy (11):
Craft General (11): Craft Poisonmaking (11):
Discipline (27):
Intimidate (14):
Lore (33):
Spellcraft (41):

Combat Casting
Greater Spell Focus
Greater Spell Penetration
Improved Critical Rapier
Maximize Spell
Spell Girding
Weapon Focus Rapier

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