== Personality ==


Some people believe that whenever a child is born, Tymora tosses a coin and Beshaba calls it.

The winner of the toss then determines the childs fate in life..   
You know what? I hope my coin gets stuck in the ceiling!
-Lynx at his birth-

Fate. Fate is a lie, and i will prove it! Hey, i don't even exist. I was not born. Take that, Fate! Sure, there was someone born. He was a pretty sad boy. Names? Oh, his parents dubbed him Artas. Really chivalrous name, courtsey to his old man. I never liked it. I never liked my old man, for that matter..

Ah crap. There: i said it - So my true name is Artas. Keep that for yourself, will you? It's not -who- i am! You know who Artas is? He's a "great" guy! A knight even! Yep, that's right! One of those heroes in shining armor! Devout, pious and pretentious as can be! Again: courtsey to my old man. Taught me all about "the codex". Actually, no. He didn't tell me. He was too busy getting himself killed by Ogres, Necromancers or some other greater evil. I was taught by the high order of Torm. From five years on! That's some happy childhood, huh?

Funny how things turn out when you are son to a Tormite Paladin and a temple acolyte. I don't think i was ever even asked if i want to be in the order. I'm my old mans son, so of course i must be there.

"Do what is expected of you!" - sounds familiar? No? Would sound familiar if you had been there. It is the mantra you get to hear daily. That's right. They tell you what to think, dream, hope, love, hate..well, simply everything. It's an easy life. No thinking for yourself. Well, i guess it is just easy..not much "life" in there.

That's why Artas died. And Lynx was born.

By born i mean i simply decided to be Lynx now. That's right, old man! I don't care for what great knight -you- are..or what a great knight i could be if i was like you.

I am Lynx. I am not just your son. I am a person. MY person!

Age 21 in 1381
Born 26 Nightal, 1360 DR.
Year of the Turret
Born under the Sign of the Stone
and with Gibbous Selûne under the sign of the Serpent

Those born under the sign of the Stone are complex, tenacious and fearless. 
Proud and independent, they have great strength of character and rarely 
compromise. They thrive on challenge and have an innate belief 
in their own destiny.

Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Serpent have good memories and 
are articulate, strong willed and resourceful, emotional and enigmatic. They 
have quick responses and are prone to sudden mood changes.

== Appearance ==

Lynx has no set style or favorite color and will occasionally change his clothes to look different ( usually by alot ). There is little remarkable about him at first glance at all. It is clear that he has been wandering and knows battles from his stance and the ever-present swordssheath on his back, but he is neither exceptionally strong nor does he look very seasoned. He seems to prefer light armors and quick moves, turning defense into offense within an eyes blink. It seems he has adapted various styles from everywhere into his own, rather chaotic style. Neverminding the chaos, it is efficient. Perhaps due to the chaos even.

Lynx seems to be a jester and entirely carefree to most who meet him. He always has wild, unkempt hair that shimmers in a copperbrown hue. His eyes are perhaps the only notable thing about him as they match the bright brown of the hair nearly perfect, which makes them way too bright when looked at more often or longer than at a casual glance.

He seems to carry himself with unending confidence and ocassionally jumps on a joke about himself, adding even more to it for a good laugh.

If actually met with serious matters he has a habit of rubbing his neck and pondering aloud..or pretending to.

== Relationships ==

Lynx has a strong dislike of order for it's own sake. Paladins, lawful clerics (whether good or evil) and Enforcers of any kin find a cold shoulder with him. Lynx particularly harbors an antipathy for Torm and his knights, as well as his "old man", a father he never really knew.

Sheyda Talez - The first person Lynx met in the region, and also a kindred soul. He understands her and is torn between helping her or letting her find her own path

May'kacha Irae'ryne (Kira Le'lyn) - Kira started out as someone Lynx tried to prove a point with. She has since become much more. Lynx is not quite certain just where the two are heading, but he found himself liking the drow so much that he even stepped up to be her "sorceress' knight". His traveling with Kira is source of endless confusion to himself about just what the heck he is doing there. Kira has become the one person who might just know him better than anyone else ever did. He speaks with her about many things, but actually it is the silent understanding of the things they do not speak about that makes it a unique relationship.

Aujir - A kobold Lynx loves to tease. At their first encounter they nearly killed each other, and Lynx enjoys to confuse his mind with changing behaviour. Aujir is the exact oposite of Kira in Lynx' eyes. Trusting to the extend it borders folly. Someone trusting so easily will eventually become a liability. Never the less, he has made the choise and must live with it.

Ryurn - A nobles son, much like Lynx' alter ego. For that alone, Lynx is at best troubled around him. Lynx hates to see someone so willingly embrace what is laid out as his path, especially since it could just as well have been himself. Of course he'd never admit that.

Vastan - If things were different, Vastan could have become his buddy-in-crime. He seems to enjoy some chaos. He got in Lynx' way with Kira though, and Lynx decided he is the wrong sort of trouble.

Cerin - While Lynx does not try too hard to actually befriend the druid, there is a certain unspoken respect for his good intentions. Besides that, Cerin is actually good for one or another joke and holds Kiras trust. Something not easily granted.

Kilian - A solid person and worthy ally. His singlemindedness in regards to the green Dragon he hunts is lightly unsettling, but Lynx values Kilians company for both his skills and ocassional jokes

Nym - Lynx likes Nym, as a friend and ally and can see much of his motivation. He fears the catfolk is actually trying too hard to "do the right thing" most of the times, so that one day they might end up on oposite sites. Never the less, he hopes that day is still far in the future.

Holly - Lynx' connection to Holly was one of confusion and frustration from the beginning. Her borderline insanity, unstable moods and non-existant sociability would all be bearable..if she didn't exhibit an interest in him that he does not return. Lynx is torn between pitty, embarassment and wariness for the young girl.

Chaelvin - A walking cliché to Lynx. Chaelvin is the archetype of a powerhungry mage. Therefor Lynx does not like him much. His attempt to blackmail Kira into furthering his personal knowledge has made this a stern dislike and Lynx is confirmed in his opinion that mages are simply selfish and resort to whatever foul or shady means to take what they want.

Nekori - Lynx found Nekori amusing for a while, but now considers him just childish in every way. He does not like how the catfolk seems to get away with acting like he does, especially given the actual power and hence danger he holds. While he does not wish Nekori ill, he does not at all share the common caring for the wanna-be-kitten.

== Background ==

Lynx Lamar was born as Artas Lamar, son to Leira Lamar in Tethyr. Against common believe he is -not- the son of the Paladin Syrus Lamar, though. He is the lovechild of Leira with a third, unknown person. Nobody, not Artas, nor his supposed father ever learned about that. For fear of loosing her position as a Tormite Acolyte Leira kept it a secret. Luckily Syrus had brown eyes and brown hair too, so noone got suspicious, even though Artas' eyes are way too bright on the brown tone, rather bordering copper in the right light.

Artas' path was set with the moment of his birth. At the age of five his father was killed on one of his crussades. By that time Artas had barely seen him more than a few times as Syrus was never at home. Artas found it odd to mourn a stranger. Syrus was nothing else to him then. Soon after the funeral Artas was introduced into the Tormite Order. There was no choise for him, really. It was expected from the son of Syrus and the boy complied for lack of better judgement. Ten years of servitude, training, stablecleaning, fencing, riding, history lessons, religious and philosophical teaching formed a decent enough knight-aspirant. But Artas heart did not feel the call. Artas was sharp, witty and eager to question everything. He managed to drive his mentors into a corner too often, so that in the end they would not have an answer to his questions anymore. In these cases, Obedience and humility before teachings he did not believe in, and was not explained satisfactorily, was the common demand.

One day Artas quit. He made a cut for himself and decided to walk his own path. His training was helpful on the road and in earning a living. He tasted freedom after a life of imprissonment in expectations and rules. It was clear then, that Artas Lamar would never return to be a knight. Artas picked a new name to go with. Artas became Lynx.

A few tendays on the road he met a traveler with a kindred spirit. He had copperbrown hair and bright brown eyes that resembled molten gold in a certain light. The two traveled together for a few days and Artas for the first time in his life found himself in his former mentors position. The stranger would have many questions Artas had never even asked himself. And Artas had few answers. Unlike his mentors, though, Artas was delighted by that sort of challenge. Questions, riddles, trials of the mind and wit were his things. He would exchange, develop and dismantle philosophies with the stranger for hours on the road every day, sharpening his reasoning, his thinking.

At some point the stranger would bid him farewell. They shared the same free spirit, so Lynx did not try to hold him or ask his reasons. As a parting gift, the stranger gave Lynx a cloakpin made from a large piece of amber to look like a laughing dragons head.

"That's you, Lynx. Live fully!" were his parting words. He considers it his most priced possession despite it's little value today. It defines who he is. A Free spirit.

== Important Items ==

Holy Symbol of Aasterinian: While monetarily worthless, Lynx always carries a simple amberpin on his clothes somewhere. It is carved to shape the head of a laughing dragon. Lynx knows the pin belongs to some Lady called "Aasterinian", and that it represents free choise and independence from fate.

The pin was a present from a stranger he met on the road soon after he left his life as Artas.

== Abilities and Skills ==

Spontanous Divine Spells/Silent Spellcasting: Eversince he traveled with the stranger Lynx has found himself affine to something he calls "whitefire" himself. He does that for a lack of better name. While his way of casting is rather unique in that he does not utilize set spells or prayers, most who are able to channel a deities power would recognize the "whitefire" to be divine in origin. Lynx usually expresses what he wants to happen rather than wrapping it into a long incantation or complex prayer. It resembles more the forming of raw power that sorcerers use than the disciplined casting of a priest or druid.

Lynx has a hard time explaining just -what- he does and how and hence is rather uncomfortable using his gift in presence of anyone but very close friends.

Sanctified Fighting Style: Lynx has found over time that he is able to will his divine gift into his attacks.

Outright love for Riddles (Lore): Lynx loves riddles, challenges of the mind and puzzles. He collects those at every turn.

Affinity against Magic(Spellfire): Lynx reacts different to magic than others, though he had neither time nor interest in letting any mage "study" him. He dislikes being casted at without warning and (while he would never admit that) is afraid of mages to some extend.

Slightly Empatic(persuade and sense motive): Lynx has a knack for seeing how people "tick" if he spends enough time with them.

== OOC Information ==

Lynx is not aware that Syrus Lamar is not his father

Lynx does not "follow" Aasterinian at this time. His own knowledge is limited to the name "Aasterinian" and fragments of her Dogma (which is not common knowledge as a whole).

He follows Aasterinians tennets without knowing them, but rather out of his own natural affinity towards freedom and free will.

Lynx is an unaware spellfire-gifted. He has no idea what spellfire even -is-.

== DM-Infos==


- Find out who he is and where his odd gifts come from - Finding the stranger

- Act against the imperative. Anything that -can- be questioned -should- be questioned from time to time.

- Protect the freedom of choise. For him and those he knows.


- Sir Syrus Lamar, his asumed father and a person he fears for many reasons. First because he represents order and suppression of free will to him, second because secretly Lynx fears he may become like him.

- Exploding through whitefire ( this one is from him finding a reference to "the Nameless One", a hero in the Fall of Myth Drannor who died in a large ball of white fire. The reference is actually about an elf who sacrificed himself in arcane silverfire, but the difference is impossible to tell for Lynx. The Nameless One later became known as "Aruns Son" which became Kelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun. Lynx knowns nothing of that.)

Common Statistics
Eye Color
bright gleaming brown
undiscernable mix of regions
Recognizeable Features
always carries a pin of amber depicting a laughing dragon
Aasterinian (Draconomicon, pg.31)
Favored Soul of Aasterinian
Chaotic Good (when in doubt: Chaos wins)
Relatives / Family
Leira Lamar (mother), Sir Syrus Lamar(asumed father, dead), true fathers name and status unknown
Base Ability Scores
Strenght - 13
Lynx is alittle above average strenght from years of training. Not the strongest under the sun, though
Dexterity - 10
Despite the name, Lynx lacks much of the grace it implies. He is just about average nimble
Constitution - 10
No patience to endure or train his bodily resolve leave him at average health
Intelligence - 13
Lynx is sharp, thinks fast and to the point.
Wisdom - 14
Despite his young age he has a certain understanding of things most others do not. He shows this to few
Charisma - 16
Lynx is a silvertongue. Reactions he creates are strong, good or bad

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