Name Necropolis

Necropolis rules the Homeland of Zhengyi and South shore of the Moonsea. Zhengyi's mighty capital, Necropolis, would not be out of place in the heart of the infernal Abyss. Even during the day, demons walk the grim battlements, occasionally leaping from their height to savage a passer-by, sometimes upon orders, but more frequently because they like the way blood feels between their fingers and teeth. The city is always overcast with black clouds in a 4-mile radius. Beyond the city's massive Iron Gates, clerics in gore-splattered robes lead armored contingents of orcs and goblinoids through a chaotic jumble of streets, past buildings in horrible disrepair, trampling the bones of the freshly dead. Though the city retains the docks that once made it one of the most lucrative stops in the Moonsea, no trade comes to Necropolis. Zhengyi imports only what his armies plunder; his chief export is misery.

Zhengyi resides in a skull-bedecked stone palace that dominates Necropolis 's skyline, a dark edifice that also houses the Legion of Black Death, Zhengyi's elite orc, human, and fiend army. Not far from the palace is the demesne of the Lord of Pain's administrators, a cabal of wizards and clerics known as the Boneheart. The Boneheart Citadel and Zhengyi's palace are the center of the cancer that inflicts the southern moonsea. Given the defenses of Necropolis, little hope exists of destroying that cancer in the near future.

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