== Common Statistics ==

Age:around his 40's 
Height:9 feet tall 
Weight:about 500Lbs 

Skin Tone:Redish scales 
Skin Texture:Thick scales able to deflect most blows. 

Eye Color:Grey 
Accent: Draconian 
Recognizable Features:His size and well... the fact he is a Lizard 
Spoken Languages:Common Draconic 
Left or Right Handed:Right handed 

== Base Ability Scores ==

Strength (-):16 
Dexterity (-):14 
Constitution (-):20 
Intelligence (-):12 
Wisdom (-):10 
Charisma (-):10 

== Statistics ==

== General Character Information ==
== Appearance ==

== Personality ==

== Relationships ==

== Background ==
== Important Items, and Lore ==

== OOC Information ==

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