The Masked Lord, The Masked God of Night
Vhaeraun symbol
Title The Masked Lord, The Masked God of Night
Portfolio Lesser drow god of thievery, drow males, evil activities on the surface
Domains Chaos, Drow, Evil, Travel, Trickery
Favored Weapon Shadowflash (shortsword)
Alignment CE
Holy Symbol A pair of black glass lenses that form a mask
Cleric Alignment


Vhaeraun is the son of Corellon Larethian and Lolth and the brother of Eilistraee. He was cast out of the elven pantheon, along with his mother after their betrayal was discovered.

The church of Vhaeraun is loosely organized, mainly due to persecution from the priestesses of Lolth who rule over the majority of the drow race. Vhaeraun's clergy is almost entirely male, and they practice a passive opposition to Lolth. Aside from that, Vhaeraun strives to reclaim the surface world from which he was forced to flee. This leads to frequent conflicts with the clerics of Eilistraee, benevolent drow who strive to live in peace with the surface folk and gain redemption for the evil ways of their kind.


The shadows of the Masked Lord must cast off the tyranny of the spider Queen and forcibly reclaim their birthright and rightful place in the Night Above. The existing drow matriarchies must be smashed, and the warring practices of twisted Lolth done away with, so that the drow are welded into a united people, not a squabbling gaggle of rival Houses, clans and aims. Vhaeraun will lead his followers into a society where the drow once again reign supreme over the other, lesser races, and there is equality between males and females.

Allied and Enemy Deities

Vhaeraun opposes all the other drow deities including his sister Eilistraee. He is allied with Mask, Shar, and Talona. His feud with Lolth is subtle, as he lacks the power to oppose her directly.


Drow Pantheon


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