Common Statistics Edit

Race: Shade (orginally human)
Age: 30 estimated, (3,5 years old rl)
Hair: Naturally Blond/golden color, known to dye his hair black
Skin Tone:
Skin Texture:
Eye Color: White without pupils (shade), blue (when disguised as his old human appereance)
Accent: poor folks slang.
Recognizable Features: usually entirely covered up, hideing from the sun.
Spoken Languages: Common, Elven, Drow, theives can, assassins's cant
Left or Right Handed: Right handed,
Deity: Banished, (used to serve mask)
Class: Rogue/telflammar shadowlord.
Alignment: True Netural
Relatives: Lord Shade, (his grandfather), Khaira (his daugher), Lussiah Metherein (his wife- deceased/murdered).

Base Ability Scores Edit

Strength (-):
Dexterity (-):
Constitution (-):
Intelligence (-):
Wisdom (-):
Charisma (-):

Statistics Edit

General Character Information Edit

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Relationships Edit

Elle - Zac envied her blissfulness, her cheerfulness, and her naivity while he lived in highmoon as a scoundrel (before he became a noble) however he found plesure and a form of peace while staying by her side, thus he somehow ended up as her guardian, protecting her, even arcturus needed his permission before they'd begin seeing eachother. thou his duties was lightened due to arcturus taking over.

Saeryl - Zac was intriged by this elven woman, fierce, rought and tought, unlike the elves he usually assosiated with, due to his curious nature he'd contiue to assosiate with her until a friendship blossomed, thou he regrets that his fear for alasia made him turn on her, he slowly tries to repair the damaged relationship with time and a gentle hand. he currently considers her as his own sister, and a family member.

more to come.

Background Edit

Important Items, and Lore Edit

Ring: beauty's shadow: The ring is something Zac recovered in the shadowplane, a gift from a unknown, likely from the shadovar while zac yet was unaware of his bloodline and barrly began to controle the shadows, the ring later became his seal to controle and maintain his powers, it prevents him from loseing his humanity entirely aswell as puts a restrain on his power usage, it appears unremoveable from his finger, even if you'd cutt off his arm it would still be attached to his soul.

OOC Information Edit

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